Great Lakes Realty Advisory Group, Inc. is a real estate consulting firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Our primary role is providing real property based consulting to both public and private sector clients.

A Solid Foundation in the fundamentals of market research, development, finance, governmental assistance programs and valuation techniques allows our staff to respond creatively to challenging assignments.

Innovative Approaches to client service sets Great Lakes Realty Advisory Group, Inc. apart from other consultants. We strive to find new, practical and cost-effective solutions. We put ourselves in our clients shoes, listening carefully and asking the right questions to identify and implement pragmatic and innovative solutions to their real estate investment and disposition needs.

Railroads and Linear Real Estate

Great Lakes Realty Advisory Group (GLRAG) provides specialized valuation consulting to Railroad Companies and certain public sector clients for linear real property such as railroad, utility, pipeline and cable right-of-way corridors. Typically, these services involve use of the Across-the-Fence, or ATF valuation methodology and occasionally involve both market and liquidation valuation. Because of their specialized nature, these types of assignments take us to regional and national locations and allow us to interact with both public and private sector clients. One example of a linear real estate valuation involves a transitional use from a former railroad corridor to a recreational trail. We often act as intermediary between parties to help set a price for just compensation, donation and/or purchase decisions. See Projects for an example of these types of assignments. back to top

Industrial Valuation and Redevelopment

Great Lakes Realty Advisory Group (GLRAG) provides valuation services to corporations, individuals and financial institutions for industrial real estate. These assignments usually involve a market value based decision for underwriting, finance, disposition or property tax appeal. We serve the region, primarily Wisconsin and eastern Iowa, providing valuations of owner-occupied 20,000-sq.-ft. buildings to 1.5-million-sq.-ft., multiple building properties.

Sometimes larger and obsolete industrial sites require full or partial redevelopment. Our membership in The Lakeside Group offers access to a team of like-minded, redevelopment specialists, including environmental engineers, planners, architects and real estate specialists. We can properly assess the redevelopment potential of industrial sites (including EPA designated Brownfields) and implement a Redevelopment Plan to assist in working with local jurisdictions to help establish entitlements, procure investors, financiers and developers. See The Lakeside Group and Corporate Real Estate for further discussion about these services.back to top

Affordable Housing Consulting Practice

Development of new, management of existing and regulatory compliance for affordable housing requires special skills, techniques, and relationships. Specifically, a thorough understanding of the for-profit and non-profit organizations, public funding programs and housing-related social service agencies that interact within this specialty to produce affordable housing. We specialize in consulting to the affordable housing industry and to the public sector for housing related funding. This includes: Section 42 LIHTCs administered by state agencies, and U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs, guidelines, and administration of funding and resources. Other services to this market niche include specialized valuation, Section 8 rental market surveys, LIHTC application and federal grant funding application writing, fair housing compliance and training and other non-market research services. Pricing for these services may also vary considerably, but for standard reporting formats these generally do not exceed $85 per hour. Training and development in management of fair housing law, technical assistance, testing, grant writing and other specialized services may be priced differently. back to top

Non Profit Consulting

We serve non profit organizations, including religious organizations, affordable and special needs housing providers and service providers to those in need. There is a significant degree of overlap between our Affordable Housing and Non Profit Consulting practices, also with less obvious clients such as corporations and public sector clients. Because of this client and service diversity, Great Lakes Realty Advisory Group, Inc. (GLRAG) can match needs with projects, as well as help foster for profit and non profit partnerships.

Non profit organizations typically provide some form of housing, but often the utility of this housing becomes obsolete or underutilized. As demand changes, the need for repositioning emerges and understanding market-based demand becomes critical. This is where we can help. Recently, we assisted a large Catholic order of sisters reposition an underutilized convent and attached high school from a liability to an asset. They were able to relocate the remaining sisters living in the convent to another facility and lease the former convent to the attached high school. The high school, run by a separate non profit organization intends to eventually demolish the building to make way for badly needed athletic fields. Please see Projects and Clients for a listing of non profit owned projects and clients served. back to top

If you're intrigued by our approach to working with clients and your decision-making could benefit from our counsel, we would like to listen to what you have to say. Please contact us.

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